Kees Employment Engineering Solutions Private Limited

We are focused on  gathering and storing Information, analysis and sharing the accurate analytical data to our users on demand.



We collects and maintains a record of an individual’s pertaining to basic qualification education and employment history


These records are submitted to KEES by stockholders and employer member, on a periodical basis


This information is then used to create Reports which are provided to potential employer to evaluate applications


Plays an important helping job providers manage job requirement and job seeker to secure quick approval.


Get quick and easy approval on job application based on your clean employment history.

Help & Support

Our Dedicated Customer Support team will help you troubleshooting your query while report generation.

Target Market

Since we are data collecting and processing unit one employment our customers are available all over the India and across the globe and in all kind of industrial and domestic segments. We will initially target transport industry, promote our product among them and after considerable support and response we start targeting other potential data users.

Our Vision

Creation of innovative data base and link every individual workforce with information technology,make it universally accessible to job providers and job seekers on demand. Receive universal recognition as the most updated, innovative, committed, and fruitful information about Indian employment power.

Monetization strategy

KEES’s revenue strategy is in the following ways:

Registration Services

KEES will charge a minimal registration fees during signup to individual and other user.


We will collate analyze and sell all required details based on a specific request.

Decision Analytics

Analyzing the possibility associated on different stages for an individual and selling it along with the job history.

Potential Users

Meet the team

The management team mainly comprising the shareholders and directors of the company . The team has wide expertise and knowledge of the services and markets. The team will enable the business to archive its goals and objectives. As we grow, we will take on additional consulting help and personnel.





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