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India is a nation with abundant job seekers and each individual is blessed with its own set of skills and talent. A society that fails to harness such an energy and creativity of its workforce is at huge disadvantage in the modern world. Hiring and promoting talented and skilful individuals is the right thing to do for our society and its economic imperative.

UIBIL is a web based brand formed to provide most creditable information about a human being within India and abroad. The company makes available statistics, analysis and report about employment history of an individual. UIBIL point and rating based system assist job provider to put quick faith on the job seeker’s curriculum vitae.

UIBIL integrates the job seeker’s personal details, contact information, education, qualifications, work experience, employment history and skills under our employee rating platform JobWorthy® in such a manner that an employer can employ an individual without wasting much of its precious time background checking the employee. 

Identity of an individual can be checked instantly and decision making would be much faster with the simple and user friendly JobWorthy® platform provided by UIBIL

Nidhi  Pandey


KEES Employment Engineering Solutions Private Limited

KEES is a portal that provides basic and exclusive data of potential job seeker, unemployed skilled and unskilled workers.

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