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We are the next generation Employee  Engineering solution, which allocates and sort employees according to various merits and qualification.

Our Mission

The Mission of KEES Employment Engineering Solutions Private limited is to undertake financial and commercial obligations, transactions and operations of all kinds.

What We Do

Act as management, marketing and project consultants and provide advice, services in various fields like administrative, collaborations and market research.


To carry on and assist whether directly or indirectly in the carrying on of the business of creating, storing, retrieving, compiling, collating, collecting, processing, analysis, evaluation and appraisal and maintaining a data bank of all available internal and external information relating to individuals and entities of all types, whether incorporated or not, with respect to their, social, educational, professional and personal background, for use by any person whether natural or juridical, agencies, researchers, individuals and the like and for that purpose to employ,


UIBIL is India’s first and only employee related information company with a large employee data base.

KEES® Assessment for JobWorthy®

JobWorthy® is a platform that refers to how well an employee is suited for his or her position. Hiring quality employees is a great way for an organization to improve employee retention rate. There are many factors that can influence JobWorthy®, or job suitability.

Employment Engineering

Employment Engineering is the process through which we conduct personality tests and check the previous employment record, social, economical and emotional background of the candidate which can be effectively used to assess a wide range of personality traits associated with job worthiness of the person. This process will definitely benefit companies regarding hiring suitable employees.

KEES sees beyond the resume

It’s not always easy to tell which candidate has the attitudes, behaviors and motivations that make them the right hire for your organization. The JobWorthy® platform offers assessment that helps you identify the most promising candidates by showing you what résumés, IQ tests and traditional technical assessments can’t. So you can efficiently recruit with confidence.

Confident Recruitment

JobWorthy® enables you to save your valuable professional time regarding hiring candidates for different positions. UIBIL JobWorthy® rating will give you clear idea where the particular employee stands on his character chart. We invest our time for ‘would be job seekers’ intensively so you can save yours.

Data Analysis

We collect and maintain employee data base. This service is available only for the members with personal logins.

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KEES is a portal that provides basic and exclusive data of potential job seeker, unemployed skilled and unskilled workers.

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