UIBIL is India’s first and only employee related information company with a large employee data base.

KEES® Assessment for JobWorthy®

JobWorthy® is a platform that refers to how well an employee is suited for his or her position. Hiring quality employees is a great way for an organization to improve employee retention rate. There are many factors that can influence JobWorthy®, or job suitability

Employment Engineering

Employment Engineering is the process through which we conduct personality tests and check the previous employment record, social, economical and emotional background of the candidate which can be effectively used to assess a wide range of personality traits of the person.



We collects and maintains a record of an individual’s pertaining to basic qualification education and employment history​


These records are submitted to KEES by stackholders and employer member, on a periodical basis


This information is then used to create Reports which are provided to potential employer to evaluate applications


Plays an important helping job providers manage job requirement and job seeker to secure quick approval.


Get quick and easy approval on job application based on your clean employment history.

Help & Support

Our Dedicated Customer Support team will help you troubleshooting your query while report generation.


Since we are data collecting and processing unit one employment our customers are available all over the India and across the globe and in all kind of industrial and domestic segments. We will initially target transport industry, promote our product among them and after considerable support and response we start targeting other potential data users.


Creation of innovative data base and link every individual workforce with information technology,make it universally accessible to job providers and job seekers on demand. Receive universal recognition as the most updated, innovative, committed, and fruitful information about Indian employment power.


Nidhi Pandey

India is a nation with abundance of work force and each individual is blessed with its own set of skills and talent. A society that fails to harness such an energy and creativity of its workforce is at huge disadvantage in the modern world. Hiring and promoting talented and skillful individuals is the right thing to do for our society and its economic imperative.

UIBIL is a web based brand formed to provide most creditable information about a human being within India and abroad. The company makes available statistics, analysis & report about employment history of an individual. UIBIL point and rating based system assist job provider to put quick faith on the job seeker’s curriculum vitae.


KEES’s revenue strategy is in the following ways:

Registration Services

KEES will charge a minimal registration fee during signup to a job seeker.


We will collate analyze and sell all required details based on a specific request.

Decision Analytics

KEES will analyze the possibilities associated at different stages for an individual and, make it available along with the job history at a nominal cost.


  • Domestic Servant Employer
  • Transport Driver's Employer
  • Labour Contractor
  • Different Job Portal
  • Students
  • Port Trusts
  • Banks & Financial institutions
  • Film Industries
  • hospitals and Health Care Units
  • Education Institutions
  • Job Seekers
  • Insurance Companies
  • HR Department of Various Companies
  • Construction Industries
  • Marriage Buerau
  • Charitable Trusts
  • IT Companies
  • Hiring Consultants
  • Cellular Companies
  • Farmers
  • hotel & Restaurant Industry
  • Taxi & Transport Unions
  • Cloth Mill or Loom Workers
  • Weavers
  • Shipping Companies
  • Security Agencies
  • Ready KYC to all

Meet the team

The management team mainly comprising the shareholders and directors of the company . The team has wide expertise and knowledge of the services and markets. The team will enable the business to archive its goals and objectives. As we grow, we will take on additional consulting help and personnel.





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KEES is a portal that provides basic and exclusive data of potential job seeker, unemployed skilled and unskilled workers.

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